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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the celebrated a award-winning writer is leaving at the end of the year and taking on a bigger role at espn. he pabith the post for three decade he has written more than 6,000 articles and columns during that time. that column will be surely missed by his readers. >> missed is right. but enjoy him on tv. certainly a lot of fun. stay with us now. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. breaking ews. a deadly pedestrian accidt now has a major road shut down. plus, overseas again. why the president made a midnight trip to europe. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 on this november 19th, 2010. 45 4 3 degrees. another clear morning. the stars are twinkling in the
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night sky. tom will tell us what kind of day we will have. >> cold. and almost a full moon out there. >> it is. i'm wrapping my hands around a hot cup of v-8 juice. it is cold out. temperatures down near freezing. a bit of a breeze, too. as a result you need to layer up this morning. look at dulles. down to 34. reagan national, 38. upper 30s in prince george's county. from tacoma to brandywine, superville and clarksburg, we do have a f clouds around. there are clouds over the mountains and that is keeping it generally above freezing there. but it is center a chill in the air this morning. over the last 12 hours, we have had the cloud cover in and out. lots of sun this afternoon. ghs reaching low 50s. sunrise, 6:55. sunset, 4:52. i'll be back in t minutes to show you the forecast for saturday, sunday, monday. joe? thanks very much, tom.
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breaking news. a deadly accident. overnight a person was hit and killed on the parkway north of route 197. news 4's megan mcath joins us live with the details. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. the southbound lanes of the b.w. parkway are closed. all lanes are blocked. they move in wrecking machinery, flatbeds to move some of the vehicles out of the area. the hope is they'll be able to reopen the highway soon. we're just not there yet. this will havean impact on the early portion here. detour, 198 and laurel. you won't able to go south at least not for the moment. this all began in the early hours of the morning. according to u.s. park police, there was a disabled vehicle that was here on the b.w. parkway just north of the 197 accident. the vehicle was disabled. they're not sure what was going
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on, whether it was broken down, out of gas. they're still investigating. but the bottom line is the driver of that vehicle got out of the car and wasutside the vehicle when another car traveling through e area struck that person and that person died here on the scene. now, they're investigating a number of possibilities that perhaps thperson was trying to push their disabled vehicle. obviously, very, very dark out here on the roadway. one vehicle was involved. there may have been other vehicles involved as well. everybody stayed on the scene. that's what we're told by police. another thing here is we're going into a holiday travel period. a lot of people will be out there on the roadways. and this kind of accident is a reminder how dangerous it can be to get out of yourvehicle on a highway. >> as vehicles become disabled it's critical that they get as far as off the roadway as possible. and if you have to change a tire or anything else, make certain you're well off the road. if you have any concerns about
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your safety, notify the police department ande can come by and help you. we don't want to see this type of thing happen. >> so they're in the process of trying to reopen the roadway here. still not there yet, though. you'll be detoured at 198. with more on this morning's traffic, we go to jerry edwards. >>megan, we'll show you on the p where the cident occurred on the parkway southbound at 198. detour 197 to 198 back to the b.w. parkway. or use route 1 or of course i-95. but heads-up. now that we're getting into the height of the rush hour, this is going to be an issue. we're told at the scene left lane northboundis blocked with emergency equipment. so bear that in mind. let's see how we're doing elsewhere. out tohe beltway south of town, this is close where w will have all the weekend road work. bear that in mind. between springfield and telegraph, travel lanes are open. metro and vre doing fine. >> thanks very much. breaking news out of new zealand
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where a mine explosion has trapped more than a couple dozen miners underground. aaron gilchrist is gathering the latest information in our newsroom. good morning, aaron. >> reporter: good morning, joempt it happened in the country's largest coal mine. as many as 27 miners may be trapped. it happened just a few hours ago, trapping the men 5,000 feet below the service. the explosion at the pike river coal mine is described only as rge. we do know five workers were able to stumble to the surface after the blast happened. they were days in dealing with minor injuries but otherwise okay. helicopters had been brought in to help with the rescue effort. no word what caused that blast. one expert explained there may have been gas building up in the mine. derground explosion in a statowned mine in 1967. that blast killed 19 workers. joe, back to you. >> that's 5,000 feet below
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ground. that's a mile below ground. that's hard to imagine. >> reporter: we'll keep people posted. >> aaron gilchrist reporting. thank you very much. a fire broke out 10:30 in the 100 block of nnedy street northwest. two women and a man were rushed to the hospital for smoem inhalation. a firefighter also twisted his ank he will. the burning building includes a church on the first floor and apartments on thsecond floor. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused this. >> jurs will soon begin a third day of deliberations in the chandra levy trial. over the last two days they have delibeted for more than 11 hours. ingmar guandique is charged with killing the washington intern in 2001. happening today, president obama is on his way to portugal for a summit. the president is meeti with
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other nato members today. on top of the agenda, afghanistan. they're expected to discuss a 2014 target for handing over security to afghans. now most nato members think that is pretty realistic but the obama administration shied away from giving the impression that more goals will be met by then. also on the plate, dscussions with the european union and trying to solidify an agreement to build a missile defense shield in europe despite objections from russia. >> a decision to develop a nato based missile defense to protect our populations would be a major step. it would make our territorial defense even more effective and it would bind thellies even stronger together. >> the other goal of the president's trip, perception. this comes just days after a swing rough asia for mr. obama. some leaders worry that he sees their continent as secondary to asia in his foreign policy agenda. time is 5:07.
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ahead, why you may see school kids rocking the red today. nothing to do with the capitals or the nationals. what sarah palin's daughters did that led them to issue a public apology. and the b.w. parkway shut down. weather
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kicking out the tsa. one high-ranking law maker i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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time for weather and traff on ts friday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. partly cloudy over washington. clear south and eastnor or below freezing in southern maryland. away from the waters. elsewhere, cloud cover generally west of interstate . as a result most locations above freezing. it's certainly chilly, mid-30s and low 40s in just about the entire region. later today, climbing into the low 50s. increasing sunshine. mid 30s by dawn. highs upper 50s during the afternoon. partly cloudy sunday and monday. warming up o monday. a look into next week in ten minutes. >> tom, we continue to follow breaking news out of laurel, maryland where a pedestrn was struck and killed in the 1:00 hour. you're looking at live pictures of the baltimore-washington paway. the accident occurred southbound
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b.w. parkway north of 197. as you can see, authorities remain on the scene. northbound traffic being held up temporarily on the left side of your screen highly police move around. if you're going to be traveling on the parkway, certainly you can take route 1 as an alternate. you can take i-95. heads-up for that. let's check things out to northeast. looks like we're doing pretty well along new rk avenue. travel lanes are open. one more stop to the rails. metro, vre and marc, no delays. 5:12 is your time. 42 degrees. an update on what caused this devasting sce in baltimore. plus, why sarah palin's daughters are issuing a public apology over a facebook tirade. new information this morning on the scare in the sky on brd the qantas jet. why pilots are being
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5:15 our time. here's a look at the top stories we're following. breaking news, southbound lanes of the baltimore-washington parkway are close indeed laurel after a deadly accident. overnight a person was hit and killed on route 197. it is expected to remain closed until the morning rush hour >> a fire ripped through a building in northwest washington. it broke out 10:30 last night in the 100 block of kennedy northwest. ey were suffering from smoke inhalation. president obama is just minutes away from landing in portugal. he's expected to land there before 6:00 a.m. hel meet with the country's prime minister. instead of school uniforms, thousands of local catlic students will wear the color red as a tribute to their church
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leader. archbishop donald whirl is at the vatican. he will belevate to cardinal and serve as adviser to the pope. local catholic students are wearing red, which symbolizes thpresence of god and commemorates special ds for saints. students will record prayers and congratulatory messages. one florida congressman is urging to ditch the tsa for private security contractors. travelers would feel more comfortable with private screeners. you probably didn't know this, but apparently airports can choose security firms from the private stor as long as they follow tsa mandated security procedures. among the airports using private security are san francisco's airport. this morning investigate rs have a better idea of the drama
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pilots face as they tried to land a qantas plane after its engine exploded mid flight. several cockpit alarms warned them several systemsere failing. rolls royce, which manufactured the troubled engine, said a component in the turbine area started the problems. charles rangel will remain in the house of representatives. the house ethics committee recommended hen censured after finding he engaged in improper financial and fund-raising conduct. he appealed the commtee's decision and pleaded for them to recognize that he did not receive personal financial gain from his actions. it is the second most serious punishment a house can impose a member just below expulsion.
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it is a public reprimand for inappropriate behavior. the house will vote on the committee's recommendation after thanksgiving. >> democratic leaders in congress are setting up a potential fight with republicans over soon-to-expire tax cuts. democrats say they plan to hold a series of politically-charged votes to extend the middle-class tax cuts while letting the tax cuts for wealthy expire. republicans are expected to block that plan. jobless claims are up but they're also near a two-year low. initial claims for unemployment befits rose by 2,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 439,000. claims fell below 440,000 in three of the past four weeks but theyeed to fall further to bring down the 9.6% unemployment rate. >> the group d.c. hires is having a free job fair today in arlington at the holiday inn rosslyn. it runs from 11:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. they remind you to dress
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professionally and bring multiple copies of your resume. several hiring managers will be on hand. you may want to google google if you are looking for a job. they want to hire 2,000 people. about half are being recruited in the u.s. most positions at googlere full-time and f engineers and sales staffers. so search the openings go to football coach is getting ready for the terps big game tomorrow night. he will do the same thi for one more year. kevin anderson said the fridge will return as hd coach next season. terps are 73 and 49 during the nine-plus years at college park. they are 7-3 this year and still have a chance to win the acc title. >>e know now it was, in fact, a tornado that caused all that damage this week in baltimore. the national weather service
5:20 am
says the twister touched down early wednesday morning. it was on the ground for less than a minute but left a trail of destruction behind. three people, including a child, re hurt. all are expected to be okay. and tom is here to look at our forecast as we approach 5:21. that had to have been a short-lived tornado. the radar scan, between scans it must have happened. no tornado signature was ever seen on e radar. so it must have been short-lived, a minute or so. can happen. very, very rare, though. here this morning, as we take a look, it's a cold morning. we're near freeze anything southern maryland. farther west, there are some clouds. it's in the mid-30s. so chilly morning. upper 30s in washington. throughout the region today we'll have increasing sunshine. low 50s this afternoon. thourts through the evening. mid-30s by dawn on saturday. tomorrow, sunny in the morning. a few clouds midday as a weak
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front comes through. a northwesterly wind will bring in chilly weather again for saturd night, sunday. mid-30s. part cloudy. highs in the low 50s pup. but a bit milder as winds shift southwest monday. partly cloudy. low 60s. tuesday, wednesday and again on thanksgiving day, it looks like a chance each day. the greatest chance will be on tness, the big travel day. this could certainly be causing problems for travel on wedsday and perhaps thanksgiving day, too, with blustery winds. tom, we continue to follow breaking news out of laurel, maryland with southboundlanes on the baltimore-washington parkway remain closed. a pedestrian was struck and killed in the 1:00 hour. southbound.w. parkway. authorities still have the southbound lanes completely closed off. we'll show you on the map here and give you a couple detours. b.w. parkway southbound before
5:22 am
197 is where the incident occurred. 198 to 197, back to the parkway. or use route 1 as an alternate. i think that works pretty well for the time being. a trip from the north country along i-270 not bad. very quiet start so f this morning. a few brake lights with emerging traffic in hyatts town. joe and eun. >> thank you. repairs for metro, this time on the red line. thoseraveling between shady grove and twin brook should add 30 minutes to their travel time. also, crews will work on the track at the rhode island brent wood station. so expect delays there as well. tomorrow, metro will open an hour early at 6:00 a.m. for crowds participating in the fannie mae helphe homeless lk-a-thon which starts at 9:00. even though lisa murkowski has been named winr of the alaska senate race it is technically not over.
5:23 am
they are asking a federal judge to step in even though he has been asked to conceit. he says the state started counting write-in ballotearly so his team had to scramble to get volunteers to observe the process. because of that, misspelled ballots were counted in murkowski's favor. bristol palin apologized for offensive comments she and her sister willow wrote on facebook. it started sunday when a classmate insulted sarah palin's new reality show. 16-year-old willow responded by using homophobic slurs and bristol attacked the student as well using curse words. the sisters overreacted to the hurtful comments. 5:23. 43 degrees. comi up, a former boxes champ in a new fight. plus, this morning the startling projected cost of the royal weddi. and next, a big morning for
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i must be the one to kill harry potter. >> he who must not be named is
5:27 am
back. lord volt mortgage is on a missioto kill harry potter. muggles lined up in northwest to see the midnight showing of "harry potter and the deathly hallows" part. many stuck with the boy who lived since the beginning. >> i've been reading the books since i was 14. he's 23 now. can't help b came out and take a break from doing school work and spend time with my friends. >> and this is the first part of e finale. the second part will be in theaters in july. >> more details are streaming in this morning about britain's much anticipated royal wedding. earlestimates are putting the cost on the $40 million. it will be paid by the queen and prince charles. prince william announced his enga in long-time girlfrien kate middleton. she has already been looking at
5:28 am
venues and reportedly once to have the ceremony at westminster abbey. the funeral for princess diana was also held there >> on the heels of that big announment out of britain, a rare interview with prince charles, the man who will become king before his son william. he had advice for his season in the next few months. isn't that easy. >> he's under a microscope already. >> don't take the advice of the media. >> how key possibly -- >> it isery intrusive indeed and i feel for him deeply. >> prince william's complete interview oregon brian williams's comple intervi with prince charles will air tonight on dateline at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. although i think a lot of people might call him prince williams. not quite. all right.
5:29 am
the news continues now. >> the news does continue at 5:30. we'll call him prince for from e now on. breaking news. a deadly pedestrian accident that is having a major impact on the morning commute. good mning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. it is friday, the 19th day of november. let's take a live look outside right now this morning. 43 degrees. chilly. a crisp fall day. tom is here now to take a look at our forecast for the day and the weekend. >> many lotions near freezing this morning. we're starting off with a bit of a breeze, too. you'll need to layer up. it is a rather chilly start here on this nember morning. reagan national, 38. upper 30s in prince george's. arlington, fairfax, low to mid-30s. anacostia to landover, chantilly, we have a few clouds
5:30 am
coming through. farther west it is cloudy. they'r generally above freezing. clouds acting like a blanket as well as out in the mountains. not quite as cold there. on the eastern shore, rginia tidewater, upper 30s to near 40. a november chill in the air. you can see the cloud cover. it's along interstate 95 and points st. south and east off to a clear start. where there are clouds it should be break up. later today, quite a bit of sunshine throuout the entire region as highs reach the low 50s. sunset 4:52. a look at saturday, sunday, monday in ten minut. >> thank you, tom. we are following breaking news. southbound lanes of the baltimore-washington parkway are closed after a deadly accident. overnight a person was struck and killed on the parkway just north of route 197. men mcgrath joins us live with the test. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. for the moment everyone is being
5:31 am
detoured at 198. cannot go southbound at least not for now. they have made a lot of progress in terms of cleaning up the vehicles. we have a busn the middle of the roadway. at's really the only vehicle left other than the toe trks here. as soon as they get out in a out they will be reopening the southbound side of the b.w. parkway. a vehicle became disabled in the southbound lanes of the parkway. the driver got outside of that vehicle for whatever reason, to check things out. and another car that was traveling struck that individual, killed him. he died here on the scene. now, officers are still investigating, trying topiece together what happened, whether he ran out of gas, whether there was a mechanic problem. but they point to this situation. again, this is a fatal accident to remind people just how dangerous it can be to get out of your car on the side of the road. >> when people's vehicles become disabled it's critical they get
5:32 am
as far as off the roadway as possle. if you have to change a tire or anythinglse on the side of the road, make certain you're well off the road. if you have any concerns about your safety, notify the police department and we can come by and help you as far as traffic control. we don't want to seehis type of thing happen. >> all the vehicles involved in this accident stayed on the scene. again, one person is dead. the roadway is still closed. southbound b.w. parkway still closed. hopefully that won't be for too much longer, though. noto jerry edwards. megan, good morning. indeed we'll show you on the map a really good alternate appears to be taken route 198 to 7 as the work around as the accident occurred occurred just above the 197 interchange. getting on from 197 south of the parkway you'll get on after the accident scene. right now that's working. you can route 1 as an alternate. again, this is a live picture of the sce where authorities are still directing traffic.
5:33 am
progress is being made. northern virginia on the beltway, inner loop, outer loop, looking good. no early worries there. and out on the rails. still doing fine. metro, vre, marc, no early delays. thank you, jerry. breaking news out of new zee hand. a mine explosion trapped a couple dozen miners undergrod. this expsion happened at the pike river coal mine. we do know five workers were able to stumble to the sface after the blast. they were dazed and dealing with minor injuries. helicopters were brought in to help with the rescue effort. no word what caused the blast. experts suspect it may he been methane gas >> happening today, president obama is on his way to portugal. he is expected to arrive y minute now. he will meetith the country's president and prime minister before attending a summit with
5:34 am
nato allies. the war in afghanistan, trade and currency issues are expected to top the president's agenda, part of a two-day vit to portugal a school bus driver resigned after allegations of showing inappropriate cell phone pictures to students. the veteran bus driver worked for a.g. wright middle school. on tuesday the driver showed kids racy pictures on her phone. the driver was immediately taken off e route and later reassigned before an investigation could be launched. the driver's name has not been released. a man accused of murdering another man and putting his body in a box along i-70 in frederick. marvin palencia accused a co-wker of having an affair with his wife and saying he would, quote, disappear if he came back to work.
5:35 am
vazquez started s shift at a high-end office building in constitution avenue in northwest but did not finisht. tuesday road crews found a box with his body inside. they are looking for a 2007 plates, "palncia." he is believed to be armed and dangerous. a former boxing champ is fighting a legal broad battle over fraud accusations. prosecutors say he gambled away a half million dollars of money that was meant for a gym he unded to help at-risk kids. as news 4 darcy spencer explains, it stunned students and volunteers. a former lightweight champion and d.c. boxing hall of famer. but keely thompson is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a gym he started in 2004 to help keep kids away from gangs and violence. >> i hate to see he's in this type of trouble and hope he can
5:36 am
get out of it. these kids love him. >> reporter: acrding to court records, as director, thompson, known b many as "champ," gambled away more than $500,000 in district deposit grants. >> a lot of people come here. it's important to me. i love doing it, you know? he's a great trainer. >> reporter: court records show he used the organization's debit card to get $150,000 on cash while on several cruises in li. according to their records, he lost more then $100,000 at the casino last year. thompson is now facing wire fraud charges. >> we would like to see the gym be made, open. you know, because we have kids, 70 some kids here on an average day. and there's no need to put them out in the cold. they won't have no where else to go. >> reporte it brought financial irregularities more than a year ago. i wrote a letter to the d.c.
5:37 am
inspector generalctober 30th, 2009, which detailed the allegations. >> reporter: the future of the gym remains in doubt as a man held in high esteem prepares to fight, not in a ring but a court of law. he was released from custody after a brief court appearance. he's due back in court for a preliminary hearing in december. in northwest, darcy spencer, news 4 today. road work on connecticut avenue near the farragut north coulresume as early as today. that construction is believed to have caused wednesday's ceiling collapse in the metro station. metro say jack hammering broke through the dome causing huge pieces of concrete to fall on the platform below. it could take weeks to fix the ceiling. plywood is covering the damaged area for now. don't expect new escalators at any meo stations.
5:38 am
interim general manager says day-to-day maintenance makes more sense than tually replacing the old escalators which could cost $1 million apiece to replace. metro is inspecting all 588 after last month's doesn't at l'enfant plaza. six people were hurt when the escalator accelerated without warning. ahead at 5:00, an invasion on the g.w. campus that may keep students up at night. plus, why opting for a tsa pat-down could win you a free ipod. breaking news right now, major problems after a deay accident.
5:39 am
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br rrr. it is a cold november morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. weather and traffic on the ones. 5:41. upper 30s prince george's county. but montgomery it's dipped into the low 30s. many locations in southern maryland, charles, calvert, s mary's. right on the bay it's near 40 or so. a bit milder around shenandoah valley. they should be breaking up where they are now. sun this afternoon. highs low 50s. upper 50s tomorrow. few clouds around midday. cool sunday. warming up monday. a look at tuesday, wednesday, thanksgiving in ten minutes. jerry, how is the traffic?
5:42 am
we continue to follow breaking news in laurel, maryla. pictures taken just a short time ago of an vgz into an overnight accident where a pedestrian was struck and killed. all this occurred in the southbound lanes othe baltimore-washington parkway ju before the route 197 interchange in laurel. authorities still have the southbound lanes of the b.w. parkway closed. very easy work around. 198 to 197 back to the parkway or to avoid it all pop over and use route 1 southbound. that works as a pretty good alternate for this time being. we'll keep you updated. 66 out of manassas beginning to slow down. blurry-eyed but that's all right. 's fday. out to the rails, only delay so far. marc brunswick 870, six minutes behind schedule. joe and eun. thank you, jerry. 5:42. ahead, metro making millions in upgrades. one of them could be a great relief to riders. also, a high-ranking
5:43 am
congressman urging airports to take drastic action. what he says they should do to eliminate the controversial pat-down. president bush poking hey, you made your own lunch. yep! look in your bag, made you something. (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. choosey moms, choose jif. have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's serisly strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us.
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still ahead, what investigators in aruba ask for
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5:46 am
m aaron gilchrist with some of the morning's top sties. part of the b.w. parkway could reopen any moment now after a deadly accident overnight. police are clearing the scene on the southbound side on route 197 in laurel. a tornado did, ifact, touchdown in baimore city and baltimore county this week. the national weather service said it was on the ground less than a minute and damaged homes, buildings and cars. day 3 of jury deliberations in the ingmar guandique murder trial. so far jurors spent 11 hours discussing whether they believe he killed tern chandra levy nine years ago. that's a look at the day's headlines. joeing back to you. dutch authorities are reviewing dental records as they try to analyze a jawbone and tooth last week. her father gave the debl records. there's been no formal announcement about whether the jawbone is even auman bone.
5:47 am
aorensic scientist said the bone is from a human female. members of a small ohio town are now grieving after learning the bodies of a family have been found. a mother, her 11-year-old son, and a family friend were discovered stuffed in garbage bags and hidden in a hollow tree yesterday. earlier this week, authorities found a 13-year-old girl alive who vanished with them. an unemployed tree trimmer led investigators to the bodies. the group was first reported missing more than one week ago. imagine going through airport security without seeing a single tsa agent. well, that could actually happen. some people are urging airports to choose private security firms over the tsa when it comes to airport screenings. elaine reyes is live at reagan national airport with more on that. good morning, elaine. >> reporter: heygood morning to you, joe. you know, some airports already use private security guards in
5:48 am
their facities. one thing to point out private security guards to follow tsa-mandateded procedures. now the idea of the tsa comes from florida republican congressman john mica he recently wrote letters to the 100 busiest airport asking them to consider the move. federal law does allow to use private screeners instead of tsa employees. san francisco is the largest airport to do this. representative micah has received $80,000 in campaign donations over the past 13 years connected to some of the security firms. that could take tsa's place. tsa would still braibl, though, to select and pay these private contractors if somef the airports do make the move. he did not respond. tsa did not respond, though, to representative micah's request.
5:49 am
joe, back to you. >> all right, elaine. thanks very much. well, here's a deal for you. a touch for a touch. the airport check-in service looped is giving away 10 ipod touches for those who choose patdowns over body scans. they will be awarded next wednesday, on national opt-out day. protests are planned that day by people opposed to the ts a's new security measures. they have to tweet about their pat-down experience to be eligible for the ipod touches. presint george w. bush is making the rods promosing his new book "decision points." he showed his sense of humor on the latest on "the tonight show." >>e have predent bush on the program tonight, so everybody gets patted down. >> even you. this is your show. >> makes no sense at all. >> tell me about it. grope master. >> president bush came out to rousing applause and the crowd gave him a standing ovtion.
5:50 am
mr. bush was last on leno's show ten years ago. he thanked the president on all the material he gave him. president bush was quick to respond with i barb of his own. >> in the last ten years, thank you for all the material. >> that'shy i hadn't been back in ten years. and that's why people don't usually come back. does any of that bother you when you see the jokes? >> you know, i hate to tell you, i don't want to hurt your feelings, but i was asleep. >> really? oh. >> president bush also compared dance styles with president obama from their overseas trip. and he said president obama was the better dancer of the two. perhaps he's right. it may be more than all-nighters kping george washingtontudents up all night. bedbugs have now been found in five dorms this semester. six dorm rooms were found to have the bugs. four cases have been fully
5:51 am
eradicat eradicated. the other two will be completed next week. the is not releasing the names ere the bedbugs were found. students in lington will be using ipads to help them learn. a $70,000 grant from the children's fund of washington. it's part of the beyond textbooks, which will purchase 120 ipads. theyill be shared by students at two grade levels at barrett carlet springs and randolph. the beyond textbooks initiative is ailot program and aimed at increasing students's access to digital media. tom has joined us now. 5:51 >>cold start to this friday morning. bundle up asou're heading out to work and school on this friday. down into the 30s in most locations. near freezing. play ta, 33 there. west and north we have quite a bit of cloudiness. those clouds are keeping it abe freezing. still chilly.
5:52 am
mid-30s to near 40 degrees from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. now over the last 12 hours we have had this cloud cover coming om the west and north. and it's going to be breaking up and eroding as this day does progress. we have just this weak disturbance coming through at this hour. well, last tuesday, remember the rain-soaked rain on tuesday, this is what it looked like in loudon county. i visited there with that drilling rain coming down. look at this huge sign they had at the atrium of the school. it was done by their art department. the art students, thank you for the wonderful sign. loudon couy has wonderful schools. this is one of the newest. it's only a couple years ago. they had about 200 students in 2008. now they have 900 students just in the last couple of years. what a wonderful scool. i want to thank teacher jennifer for inviting me. great job.
5:53 am
well, t bus top stoeshg, layer up. it's going to be chilly. a few clouds in d out. high 50s. more sunshine this afternoon. highs in the upper 50s. chillier on sunday but dry for this weekend. monday, partly cloudy, low 60s. towards the holiday, a rainy pattern tuesday, wednesday and thanksgiving day. jerry, how is ourtraffic now? >> we've been following breaking news out of laurel, maryland. things improved dramatically. a serious accident where a pedestrian was struck and killed in the 1:00 hour forcing officials to close the b.w. parkway southbound near 197 in laurel. good news, just momentsago they pulled up the barricades. we do see some heavy traffic as you head down from 32 to 198 to 197. southbound baltimore-washington parkway all lanes open once again. the investigation wrapped up for the time being.
5:54 am
i-95, you begin the commute north out of dale city. all travel lanes are open ere. 395 looks good into downtown. vre and metro with no delays. brunswick 870, eight minutes behind schedule. 5:54 is your time now. a live picture of air force one which touched down in lisbon, portugal. the president is in the plane at the moment. he is there for a nato summit. he will behere at least a couple days. we will bring you the latest on his trip to europe on news 4 at 6:00 a.m. a major traffic alert to tell you about this morning. you may want to avoid the outer loop of the beltway in alexandria because of work-related to the wilson bridge project. the far right lane will be
5:55 am
osed between eisenhower and east of telegraph road beginning tonight. that will cut off access to the north kings highway, huntington avenue and telegraph road exits. putting down your cell phone while behind the wheel. aaa wants 100 companies to sign a new orange cone safety pledge, according to a aaa survey half of drivers who u cell phones are making work-related calls even in construction zones. if they get word from their boss, they're more liky to change their behavior. >> i think if our executives are saying this is the right thing to do, then our employees will feel the same way and hopefully they'll follow the commitment as well. >> aaa would like to reach its goal of 100 companies to sign its pledge in the next 100 days. >> metro's red line is set to get another $37 million upgrade. they want to upgrade the closed circuit system, and replace leakyroofs and skylights and up great the
5:56 am
automatic control system. it is happening on the red line from the silver spring to dupont stations. they will renovateight restrooms and the public address system. airtran is offering flights. some of the cheapest fares the cheapest after thanksgiving. on black friday. we find flights for just $49 and from dulles to orlando for $69. you'll have to act fast, though. the sales are only available to monday. >> a new cell phone service will be available in southern virginia. cox communications, e country's third largest cable company is launching cellular service. right now it will be available only in three places. a turkey drive to benefit
5:57 am
disadvantaged families. they will collect food and nonperishable goods. once it's all organized, 100 families will get thanksgiving dinner. it runs from 10:00 to noon at bar 7 in northwest washington. well, remember how much your wedding cost? wait until you hear the price tag for the royal wedding. also ahead at 6:00 a.m., why black fridayill not be the same for many shoppers ts year. live look outside this morning. sun is headed our way. 44 degrees right now. still chilly outthere. stay tuned for news and weather antraffic on the ones.
5:58 am
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